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Posted on January 14, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (8)
What is the difference between women's equality 40 year's ago and the present? Yes, we are able to pursue any career we desire. Yes, men are assuming more responsibility for childcare. Yes, most women aspire to some kind of career or occupation more than they look for a marriage partner. 

On the other hand, anorexia nervosa (an eating disorder that may cause death from starvation and malnutrition) is higher than ever. 8 million Americans, 90% of them are young women, have this disorder.

What is the cause of this psychological horror? What would make a young girl starve herself? If you are a woman you can probably guess correctly. 

The media constantly uses women to advertise their products from cars to Viagra using models who personify the "perfect" body type. Ads for every kind of make-up and plastic surgery abound in women's magazines. 

Who wouldn't want to be desirable? We are easy prey for anyone who wants to exploit our vulnerability. We want to be like those airbrushed models that we see on TV and in magazines. We spend $426 billion a year on beauty products. Women spend almost two years of their life applying make-up. 

It seems that the advertising industry has the upper hand. They have managed to make us pretty insecure about our looks and at the same time convince us to spend time and money on their products. 

What can women do to counteract this seedy manipulation by the beauty industry? First, be aware of it. Second, know it is false advertising because no one needs any of that stuff they are peddling. And third, if you know a girl, clue her in on all this and tell her she is much more than her looks.