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Life is a Journey of Discovery

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Posted on July 26, 2014 at 11:44 AM Comments comments (5)
When you have parents who are deeply unhappy with themselves, you don't get to see what it is like to be happy.

You don't get to learn what happy people do. You identify with your parents because they are your role models. You emulate them consciously and unconsciously.

 Sometimes your role models are so poor that you are not given enough positive regard that you need  for self-acceptance.

Are you doomed to continue the same miserable life ? Can you realize that you are not your parents?

We all must break away from our parents in order to become self-actualized. But some of us need a guide that can help us navigate our mental roadblocks. 

Most of us would agree that they would like to find someone who sees our potential as more important then our weaknesses. 

I, as a Life Coach, can offer you a positive image of yourself that is based on reality- not a pie in the sky image. But an image that is based on your strengths and desires to find true happiness.