Life is a Journey of Discovery

Due to the coronavirus I am now offering Telehealth (counseling on-line) through my Zoom account. I can offer counseling to anyone in the state of Florida no matter where they live. Feel free to give me a call to set up an appointment.

Are you struggling with an unhappy relationship? Do anger issues get in the way of your peace?

I offer a place to come where you are not judged or criticized, but instead you are given the respect that you need to work out your issues.

During my time as a counselor, I came to realize that in order for my clients to make real changes in their lives, they needed a mentor that believed in their ability to get control of their lives. They needed complete acceptance and empowerment.

I have had many years working successfully with children and adults as a teacher, a counselor, and a life coach. My broad personal experience has taught me many invaluable lessons and brought me numerous challenges. By overcoming my own personal challenges, I have been able to use my expertise to help others in similar situations.

I offer court ordered anger management classes and assessments. Please see the anger management page.

I also offer divorce recovery counseling and counseling after abuse.